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Preschool Drop & Go Classes

Ready Steady Play & Move - Preschool Drop & Go Classes 

Each week your preschooler will go on a new Play Adventure where they will get to practice their fundamental movement skills, play high energy games, navigate obstacle courses, learn basic musical concepts through play, and participate in developmentally appropriate activities that support your child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development through play.

Sensory woddler and toddler  Play & Music Classes, Child paying on floor
Ready Steady Sensory Baby Play & Music Classes colurful music notes

What Our Preschool Drop & Go Class Provides

Positive experiences and relationships stimulate children's development, creating millions of connections in their brains. Our classes provide and opportunity to play, learn and develop all while supporting your childs key areas of development. Who knew child development could be so much fun!

The Benefits of Preschool Play and Move Classes 

Supports Speech & Language development.

Helps develop Fine Motor skills. 

Helps develop Gross Motor skills.

Supports Cognitive Growth.

Fosters Social Interaction.

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