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Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Sophie can you explain the importance of repetition for babies, and how do you see this at Ready Steady Sensory Baby Classes?

The class starts and ends the same way, which is ideal as repetition really helps babies learn to predict what might happen next. This can help put them at ease and can also encourage them to engage and participate more in the activity.

From a Speech and Language Therapist perspective how important is it for parents to be able to use common objects at home when playing with their babies?

I love that you use common objects in the class ( eg mirrors, bubbles, teddies). This has allowed me to carry out the activities at home without the need to purchase any additional materials.

As a speech and language therapist I know how beneficial it is to give parents strategies and ideas that they can carryover and use at home. This can help babies generalise any new learning from class to other environments.

We know that babies develop at their own pace, what strategies are used in Ready Steady play to ensure all developmental stages are incorporated?

The step up, step down strategy is great in class. As every baby is unique and each baby develops at their own pace, I found it really comforting the way easier/ harder activities are suggested based on the baby’s age/ development stage.

The classes provide an excellent opportunity for early communication and social skills development as well the opportunity to develop skills such as fine and gross motor skills. It is also a great way to meet other parents and make new friends.

Is it important for parents to know why they are doing certain activities in class?

The class teacher is excellent at explaining what each activity targets as well as the developmental benefits of the activities. This is really helpful for parents to know and understand and can motivate them to engage more in the activities. It also gives parents ideas about what activities they can continue at home to aid their babies development. It makes it really worthwhile for parents, it is a really fun class but to know the babies are benefiting an in what way/ area they are benefiting is great.

Is there anything that you would change in a Ready Steady Play class?

There is nothing I would change in the class, its great! It is a brilliant class and really enjoyable for both myself and my twin babies.

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