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During our Sensory Baby Play and Music Class you will learn various ways to play with your bundle of joy. Babies are exposed to sensory play, songs, and the beginnings of social play.


Your little one will be introduced to sensory development activities. Together you will explore the basic concepts of music, melody, pitch, rhythm, and beat while building a repertoire of joyful songs. You will dance and move to a new theme each week.


The Ready Steady Play program provides a stimulating environment for your baby. Parents learn how to support their baby’s brain development through interaction, observation, and stimulating activities!

All of our activities have developmental purposes such as visual and auditory tracking, body awareness, cause and effect, stimulating the vestibular system, tummy time, and many more proven, research-based activities to help your babies brain and body to develop.

Give your baby the best start in life and meet like-minded parents while sparking a love of learning for your little one by booking a class now. 

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During our Multi - Sensory Family Play and Music Class you and your little one will go on different play & musical adventure every week. Adventures come to life in our classes through the vast array of amazing props and musical instruments.

Music plays an important aspect in our classes because music ignite all areas of child development and skills, including cognitive, social, emotional, language and literacy. All of our class activities have a developmental purpose, and are designed to strengthen fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance, stimulate the vestibular system, develop hand to eye coordination, impulse control and much more.

We introduce children to the fundamental building blocks of music such as beat, rhythm, and dynamics all while having so much fun. So come along and get musical with the whole family through instrument exploration, song, dance, exploring props, games and much more!

If you are looking for a fun, engaging and interactive class for your little one in a fun environment, that stimulates them and helps them develop and thrive, join us for a class. 


Ready Steady Multi-Sensory
Family Play & Music Classes 

(Suitable for Walkers - Toddlers & Preschoolers)

Ready Steady Sensory
Baby Play & Music Classes

(Suitable from Newborn - Pre-Walkers)

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