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What is Sensory Baby Play and Music? What to expect from our baby classes?

Your baby is just getting used to the world around them and are ready to learn, explore and absorb their new environment. Our highly trained educators will guide you and your baby through nurturing activities to stimulate your baby's brain development using a variety of props, musical instruments, light exploration, puppet shows, dances and much more. Parents will get to meet other mums and dads in a warm welcoming environment.

What is Walkers - Toddlers Play and Music? 

Walkers, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers a class for the whole family to enjoy. Each week you and your little one will go on a new play and musical adventure with over 30 themes to explore throughout the year in our Toddler classes. Younger siblings are very welcome to join this class with their big brother or sister. This class provides an opportunity to play, learn and explore all while supporting your childs key areas of development.

What locations are your classes in?

Classes in the Midlands





Classes in the South East

Waterford City



What age can I bring my baby to class?

Our Sensory Baby Play and Music Classes are suitable from Newborn. Most parents join us when their babies are 5/6 weeks old. You can start taking your baby to our baby classes as soon as you are comfortable.

Does my baby need vaccinations to attend

Based on current health guidelines your baby doesn't need to wait to have their vaccinations before attending their first Ready Steady Play and Music class. When you are ready, we will be delighted to welcome you to class.

Why are baby classes important

Our Sensory Baby Play and Music classes help with early learning and development to give your baby the best start in life. Your baby will learn valuable skills and get various opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Play is the way that babies learn, so come along and join us at Ready Steady Play today!

I have twins can I attend class?

Twins, Triplets and Multiples are welcome at all of our classes. If you wish to bring another parent or friend to support you in class with your little ones you are very welcome.

Are siblings allowed in class

Younger siblings under 12mths / non walkers are welcome to attend our Family Play and Music Classes with their older brother or sister Free of charge. 

Why attend a Ready Steady Play and Music Class

The Ready Steady Play and Music Programme is an educational, developmental programme which will support your baby, wobbler, toddler / preschooler learn and develop skills.

Every class has been designed with you and your childs needs in mind. With years of research and planning our classes are an ideal place to learn, laugh and create new memories and experiences with your little one. Our highly trained class educators will guide you through age-appropriate activities, games, songs and much more. With a new theme every week you and your little one will be kept entertained, engaged and excited to learn, develop and thrive.

What do I need to bring to class

For our Sensory Baby Play and Music classes please bring a baby blanket. And if you need to feed your little one during class or change them, please bring your baby change bag with you also. 

For Family Play and Music just bring yourself and your little one, and lots of energy and smiles.

Do you offer PAYG classes

Our class terms are usually fully booked so we do not generally have "Pay As You Go" spaces to offer. Sometimes we will have a parent and child miss class due to illness and in these circumstances, we may offer a PAYG option.

What happens when my baby is old enough to move up a class level

If your baby is ready to move up a class level from sensory baby play and music to family play and music, we generally move them up at the end of the current term / beginning of the next term. Your class educator will be keeping a close eye on your baby's progress over the term and will suggest to you if your baby is ready to move up. Generally, once your baby is confidently up on his/her feet them then can join our Family Play and Music class.

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