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Ready Steady Play Programme



The Ready Steady Play and Music programme
provides a multitude of developmentally
appropriate activities through play, music and
movement for children from Newborn -
Primary school.

Our school’s educational programmes were
created by key child development experts in
the fields of Speech and Language therapy,
Occupational therapy, Music educators and
Sensory Development specialists, amongst

Our program is continually updated and
improved in line with current child
development research and compliments the
Siolta and Aistear Framework.

Our Classes

Ready Steady Play Ireland provides a
teacher-led class with high-quality props
and musical instruments.

The environment is fun, engaging, and
the children learn and grow at their own
pace with exciting new class themes
throughout the school year to keep the
children stimulated and engaged.

Our activities encourage each child to
build relationships with their learning
environment, make new friends, build
fine & gross motor control,
improve co - ordination and balance,
build strong muscles, stimulate the
vestibular system, develop problemsolving
skills, foundational math and
science concepts, improve language
and vocabulary, as well as socialemotional
skills, and so much more.

E X P L O R E  L E A R N  G R O W

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The Benefits of Play & Music - Early Childhood Development

Musical learning starts with babies exploring

pitch, rhythm tempo and melody through songs, instrument play and movement activities.

Children expand their musical abilities as they

grow and explore activities that encourage musical expression. Research shows that introducing

young children to play and music is invaluable

to future learning and development.

Play builds imagination, creativity, fosters cognitive growth, promotes physical fitness, improves

literacy, encourages greater independence, and delivers emotional and behavioural growth. It is important for healthy brain development and to support children to Explore Learn & Grow into Confident Happy Children

Language Development & Memory

Language skills are developed, even when a child

cannot put a sentence together.

Playing instruments and exploring props
such as finger puppets, dance ribbons,
lights and parachutes help develop spatial,
reasoning and logical skills.


Fine and Gross Motor Development 

Fingerplays, dancing, playing instruments,
balance games , bilateral integration
activities, crossing the midline, body
awareness and hand-eye co ordination
games, support children to develop these
essential skills for everyday self care.


Social/ Emotional Development
Music is extremely powerful to the pre
linguistic child! Meaning is conveyed
through the ‘experience’ rather than
through words. Music offers
communication without words.

Our classes inspire to support the
overall well being of every child and
contribute positively to their physical
and emotional health.

Singing songs with simple tonal patterns will
enable children to learn and memorise
words and phrases.
By repeating songs from week to week we
encourage the development of the memory.
By adding new songs, we work to expand the

Music and Creative Ability
Children who take part in the Ready Steady
Play & Music Programme grow in confidence
and self-assurance. We encourage children
to express themselves on an individual level.


The Mathematical and Logical Brain
Children taught simple concepts, like the
weekly themes in Ready Steady Play, do
better in math. The themes and their varying
beats and rhythms support counting and

About us

Our founders Jo and Jade bring nearly two decades
of combined experience and are experts in
childhood development classes.

Their passion is supporting babies, toddlers,
preschoolers and primary school children learn,
grow and develop.

The Ready Steady Play & Music programme allows
children to explore and learn in a fun environment at
their own pace. Play is an important part of a childs
early development and is where children learn about
the world around them.

The Ready Steady Play and Music Programme is
delivered through play, a child's first language. We
currently have popular classes running in Munster,
Leinster and Connaught and share the joy of
teaching 100’s of children weekly.

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