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Ready Steady Play Launches!

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

It is with great excitement that we bring you the news that Gymboree Midlands and Gymboree Dungarvan West Waterford South Tipperary are now Ready Steady Play and Music!

Our founders Jo and Jade are mums to small children themselves and are experts in the field of childhood development through play, music, and movement. They bring nearly two decades of combined experience in this field with them to their new joint venture.

Jade and Jo already have popular classes running in Munster and Leinster and their passion is helping babies, toddlers, and preschoolers learn and develop through play. Their Play Music and Movement Classes allow children to explore and learn in a fun environment at their own pace.

Parents choose these classes for their children to help them build fine motor control, develop problem-solving skills, foundational math and science concepts, language and vocabulary, social-emotional skills, and so much more.

Ready Steady Play provides a teacher-led class with high-quality props and equipment so parents can relax and enjoy playtime with their children. The environment is fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate and the children learn and grow at their own pace with exciting new class themes curated each week to keep them stimulated and engaged.

These classes help each child build relationships with their learning environment, make new friends, and to build bonds in a setting ripe with connection to their parents.

The Ready Steady Play collaboration comes on the back of change, and Jo explains how the duo seized the opportunity from this change to launch Ready Steady Play;

"As franchisers with busy play and music classes, Jade and I had always collaborated behind the scenes on creating lesson plans and class concepts together. We really worked from the same philosophy and standards, and when our Master franchisees contract for Ireland did not get renewed we took the opportunity to turn our existing collaborative relationship into a new venture built on the foundations of our experience and passion. Both Jade and I saw an opportunity not only to build a new business but to emerge with higher standards, a wider variety of quality instruments, exciting new lesson plans, enhanced use of props in our classes, and a joint vision of supporting each individual child in holistic development."

Jo and Jade have a steady following of parents and loyal little fans, and the future is bright for the Ready Steady Play and Music brand with a national rollout of programs and classes planned over the coming 18 months.

Parents who wish to bring their babies, wobblers, toddlers, or pre-schoolers to Ready Steady Play classes can book their classes here.

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