Ready Steady Play and Music classes provide a multitude of developmentally appropriate activities through play, music and movement for children from Newborn - primary school.


Our child development experts and teachers create a unique experience weekly encouraging early learning and development. In class we pride ourselves on forging a sense of community where parents and caregivers build personal connections and life long friendships. Through socialization your child will explore and discover the world around them. Our classes are great fun for all, the parents, caregivers and children, to share together in the vital first five years.

Child Development

The Ready Steady Play program has been designed and developed by a team of child development experts who have extensive first-hand knowledge working with children. 


All activities in our classes support your child in their 5 key areas of development; Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Physical, and Language development. Every week we will go on a play and musical adventure where they will be encouraged to express themselves through play, music, and movement and overcome new challenges to reach developmental milestones.

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Sensory Baby Play & Music Classes Suitable from Newborn to Pre-walkers

Your baby is just getting used to the world around them, and are ready to learn and absorb their new environment. During class you will learn a variety of ways to play with your baby, through sensory play, music and movement.

Babies are born ready to explore, and have many skills to acquire over many years! They depend on parents and caregivers as their first teachers to develop the right skills. Our educators will guide you and your baby through nurturing activities and exercises to stimulate your baby's brain development.

Family Play & Music Classes 
Suitable for walkers to pre-schoolers

Walkers, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers a class for the whole family to enjoy. Each week you and your little one will go on a new play and musical adventure into the rainforest, under the sea, practicing your circus skills and many more adventures with over 30 themes to explore during the year.


In the first five years of life, positive experiences and relationships stimulate children’s development, creating millions of connections in their brains. Our classes provide an opportunity to play, learn and develop all while supporting your childs key areas of development. In fact children’s brains develop connections faster in the first five years of life than at any other time in their lives. Who knew child development could be so much fun!

Our Classes 

Parent Testimonials 

"Ready Steady Play classes have been our first toddler group after lockdown, and I'm so pleased we chose it! The teacher in class is so welcoming and the activities are really imaginative, it wasn't long before my little one was joining in and having lots of fun (me included)

My daughter is 18 months old, she really enjoyed using different musical instruments every week and learning actions to new songs, and also loves all the different parachutes and the parachute games. I've seen her develop and learn so quickly since starting the class"

"Well what can I say about Ready Steady Play and Music...

My little girl has done two terms of classes and we will definitely be back for another. My daughter is nearly 3 years old and is Autistic. The joy she experiences each week in class fills me with happiness. There is an inclusive atmosphere in class led by an amazing teacher and all the other wonderful parents make going to class an easy and comfortable experience.

Ready Steady Play and Music classes have helped aid my daughters development in wonderful ways. She is learning to transition from one activity to another through different songs and themes weekly and her motor skills are being fine tuned by fun games and activities"

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